Types of coffee

Varieties and sub-varieties of coffee

Coffee varieties are divided into two main types: Arabica and Robusta. These are further divided into multiple varieties, with completely different coffee flavors based on the beans’ growth conditions.

In North of Colombia, at height of 1800m above sea level, Agrocafe concentrate its operations on improving the variety sub-type called “Castillo”, similar qualities to that of Caturra.

Cenicafé, café de Colombia’s research center, conduct studies to create sub-varieties with greater productivity, better resistance, bigger beans and superior quality. For the past 23 years, Cenicafé has worked on the research and development of Castillo, releasing in 2005 its fifth generation ready for production. Even today, after 13 years of creation, Castillo is considered a resistant variety, both to leaf rust and coffee berry disease.

Castillo is known for its smoothness, aroma and citric acidity, similar qualities to Typica, Caturra and Bourbon. Notes of classic caramel and chocolate can be identified within its flavors.


Quality Control

In Colombia, Agrocafe works with Almacafe operator, to assure standards for logistics services, including quality control, packaging and transportation. Almacafe is the 4PL logistic operator in charge of coffee beans storage, execution of advanced processes, quality tests, certification and packaging.

Once packaging is completed, Agrocafe number each coffee bag to guarantee lots tracing, as well as performing humidity controls all the way to the roasting houses around the world, providing each customer the required documentation according to their specific requirements; culminating the process with the delivery of rich aroma coffee with optimal conditions.