Agro Technology

Tech innovation:

AgroCafe has a unique model that adjusts the irrigation system and nutrition compounds, which optimizes to match each field according to its specific geographic needs.

In order to achieve optimal results for each specific farm AgroCafe runs tests on the soil, water quality as well as topographic measurements prior to implamentation of a new system.

By examining these variables and introducing the data into AgroCafe’s algorithm the result that is received is a perfectly matched system for each farm. The algorithm includes the composition of the fertilizer and the specific parameters for the watering system.

We call it: AgroTech innovation.


In 2016 Agrocafe ran a programming experiment on coffee trees in Colombia. The experiment compared coffee trees in the same field with the same geographic typographies and the same water quality. While some of the trees were grown by AgroCafe’s modeling system the others were used as reference without treatment. the main goal of this experiment was to reach the base line of the amelioration and the improvement of the coffee quality and quantity.

Results and conclusions:

The results after the second harvesting season of 2016 showed a significant improvement in the following parameters:

icon agrocafeTree height
icon agrocafeAmount and depth of roots
icon agrocafeAmount of flowers and accordingly the amount of the fruits
icon agrocafeAmount and quantity of coffee beans

Next steps:

In the second quarter of 2018 AgroCafe will complete 2 rounds of official testing.
Each experiment is performed on 1 hectare (10 dunam) in North and Central Colombia.
The final results by June 2018.